My Story

You might like to take a few minutes to read this to find out a bit about my background and why I decided to become a Personal Stylist.

White cardio sitting down image for Ava Personal StylistFirst of all Thank you for visiting my website, Ava Personal Stylist.

I’m Angela (not Ava but I love Ava Gardner! hence the name) and it is my mission to help you accentuate your gorgeousness. I have always loved clothes, not just fashion and when I was younger (much younger!) I got a job as assistant buyer in a very high class haute couture shop called Defty’s in Sunderland (I applied never thinking I would really get the job but I did!) There began my love affair with style and helping people look good, the clothes sold there were extremely well made, very expensive and made to last. Our clients were all very classy ladies who knew how to dress. I learned a lot there.

I must admit I always found myself saying ‘they don’t make clothes like they used to’ and I was always looking for quality clothes like the ones I had come to love. For years I collected ‘vintage’ clothes and then  I began selling them at vintage fairs which I loved. I met some fabulous people with a real sense of style who appreciated a good cut, quality textiles and those all important details that made those clothes so beautiful.

What I found as I went round the vintage fairs was that although many women loved the clothes they would often say ‘O but I couldn’t wear that!’ or ‘That would never suit me’ and I found myself dressing them, advising them and convincing them that ‘yes they could’ and they looked great.

It was then  that I decided to become a stylist and help women recognise their own style.

So if you are reading this you are obviously a lady who cares about how she looks and doesn’t just follow the latest trend or fashion. You are a woman  with personality, pzazz and principles. You want to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons; anyone can look trendy or buy the latest fashions but your style is You.

As you can see my own personal style is classic, even when I’m casual I’m classic.  That’s me, my style, what makes Me feel comfortable. It may be yours too or it may not.

Let’s discover it together!

Brands that I Love

As a Classic Style Identity I always favour Winser, Escada, Gina Bacconi, Max Mara, Reiss, Kettlewell Colours, LK Bennett, Hobbs, DAY Birger et Mikkelsen, Fransa, Marina Rinaldi and Frank Lyman

I love tailoring, and a good fit is essential. 

My other love is Vintage, particularly from the 1940s and 1950s.

Designers I admire

Christian Dior, Yves St. Laurent, Oscar De la Renta, Valentino. Chloe, Hardy Amies;  the classics the timeless icons of the haute couture world.  These are my favourites and my influencers. Lovely to look at, desire, wish for but sadly for my pocket,  unattainable.



Based in Durham, but working with clients across the UK